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Birth Story Podcast

Nov 3, 2022

If you are planning a home birth then this episode is a MUST listen. Even though a hospital transfer has a low likelihood of occuring, I want to lift you up with a postive story just in case.

This week, Heidi chats with Morgan McKittrick all things homebirth and homebirth transfer. Morgan was able to stick to her plan of unmedicated birthing and having a non-traumatic positive birth experience even when her homebirth midwife said she needed to shift plans mid labor!

This episode is packed full of empowering ideas, plans, motivations, and lessons to help you on your journey. 


If you are planning a hospital birth and are looking for amazing childbirth education to prepare you, please join Birth Story Academy today at and use code BIRTHSTORYFRIEND for $20 OFF at checkout. See you in class! (although rock on because its virtual and self paced!)