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Birth Story Podcast

Jun 22, 2023

Rachel Campbell is a mom, doula, and leader in her local community. In this episode, she shares her two medicated hospital birth stories with her daughter and son.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Rachel's first birth, which was marked by a failed epidural, an extended pushing period, and a forceps-assisted delivery
  • Her complicated postpartum period, which included an infection and difficult healing journey with a severe tear
  • Rachel's second birth, which was remarkably similar to her first, but with a very different redemptive outcome
  • Advocating for yourself with providers postpartum and taking care of your own medical needs, even when it seems like other people are not taking your concerns seriously
  • A brief chat about the use of an SSRI medication to manage postpartum depression
  • A doula chat with Heidi and Rachel about tips for staying hydrated during pregnancy, especially during hot weather

XOXO -Heidi


I’m Heidi, a Certified Birth Doula, and I’ve supported the births of over a thousand babies in my career. On the Birth Story Podcast, I’ll take you on a journey through your pregnancy by providing you education through storytelling. I provide high-level childbirth education broken down to make it super digestible for you because I know you are a busy person on the go. Plus, because I am so passionate about birth outcomes, you will often hear from many of the top experts in pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the sacred postpartum period.

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