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Birth Story Podcast

Aug 27, 2023

This episode HAS IT ALL! Spinning Babies CHECK. Functional Midwifery CHECK. Prenatal Nutrition CHECK. Birth Stories  CHECK. Have an amazing time listening to Rhea, one of my favorite Nurse Midwives and Spinning Babies instructors! This episode is jam packed. You may even want to take some notes!



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3 Key takeaways from the podcast

  • What to do if you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes

  • How do know if you are in active labor

  • What is Spinning Babies and how is it applied for vaginal births

I’m Heidi, a Certified Birth Doula, and I’ve supported the deliveries of over one thousand babies in my career. On the Birth Story Podcast, I’ll take you on a journey through your pregnancy by providing you education through storytelling. I provide high-level childbirth education broken down to make it super digestible for you because I know you are a busy parent on the go. Plus, because I am so passionate about birth outcomes, you will hear from many of the top experts in labor and delivery.

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