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Birth Story Podcast

Sep 14, 2023

In her own words, " I am a previous L&D RN now working as a nurse practitioner, but still have a passion for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Pregnancy #1 (39+6 week elective induction at hospital with epidural and 9lb4oz baby boy and <12 hours start to finish), pregnancy #2 (10 month fertility journey, GD, 39w spontaneous FAST labor, 8lb11oz baby boy #2), pregnancy #3 (missed miscarriage, D&C, and complications—spinal headache, retained clots needing cytotec then excess bleeding requiring methergine), and pregnancy #4 made his grand entrance in a quick unmedicated induction with pit and AROM."

Ya'll have NO IDEA how much we covered to teach you! Let's jump into this! 

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 3 Key takeaways from the podcast:

  • Elective inductions

  • Missed Miscarriage

  • Unmedicated induction is possible and can be fun! 

 I’m Heidi, a Certified Birth Doula, and I’ve supported the deliveries of over one thousand babies in my career. On the Birth Story Podcast, I’ll take you on a journey through your pregnancy by providing you education through storytelling. I provide high-level childbirth education broken down to make it super digestible for you because I know you are a busy parent on the go. Plus, because I am so passionate about birth outcomes, you will hear from many of the top experts in labor and delivery.

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