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Birth Story Podcast

Oct 15, 2023

The birth of my first son was a deviation from my meticulously crafted plans, shrouding me in an unexpected sense of shame. The aftermath gave rise to a tempest of postpartum depression and anxiety, a labyrinthine struggle that eventually became a catalyst for self-discovery. As the years streamed by, the landscape shifted once more - our eagerly anticipated pregnancy dissolved into sorrow through a late miscarriage at 15 weeks, orchestrated by an incompetent cervix. Yet, from the ashes of despair emerged a phoenix of resilience. The subsequent pregnancy came adorned with its own challenges, demanding a cerclage stitch to fortify my cervix. Armed with newfound strength and the harmonious guidance of hypnobabies, I navigated the path to an empowering and joy-filled birthing experience. A journey from despair to triumphant repair and the reclamation of my empowered spirit.

XOXO-Theresa Kinter

3 Key takeaways from the podcast that listeners will learn today:

  • Pregnancy with a cerclage

  • Birthing unmedicated with Hypnobabies

  • Misscarriage and support building

3 Keywords that people would want to search when looking for content that you would provide in this episode:

  • Cerclage

  • Hypnobabies

  • Miscarriage

Favorite baby product or new motherhood product? What would you buy for someone who was currently pregnant or a new parent?:

  • A pregnancy seat belt buckle (this is a game changer for car comfort)

  • A pair of pregnancy leggings

  • Postpartum underwear

  • Blackout curtains

  • Cosleeper

Summary of guest experience:

I’m Theresa Kinter, a Digital Art Director at a sports marketing agency in Charlotte, NC. I have a BA in web design but I appreciate art in all forms. When I’m not cosplaying as a business woman, I’m navigating life as a mildly crunchy mom of 2 fun-loving and wild boys. I currently moonlight as an Etsy Shop owner where I create helpful comprehensive guides and cozy comforts like herbal eye pillows.






XOXO -Heids

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I’m Heidi, a Certified Birth Doula, and I’ve supported the deliveries of over one thousand babies in my career. On the Birth Story Podcast, I’ll take you on a journey through your pregnancy by providing you education through storytelling. I provide high-level childbirth education broken down to make it super digestible for you because I know you are a busy parent on the go. Plus, because I am so passionate about birth outcomes, you will hear from many of the top experts in labor and delivery.

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