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Birth Story Podcast

Jul 11, 2020

Today's episode is an episode SWAP from the amazing DIAH Podcast with hosts Matthew and Sarah Bivens

In today’s episode we chat with Melissa Rae Irish-Miller. I’m not even really sure with where to begin with this episode or what to tell you as far as the highlights...because there are too many!

Melissa is a mother of 5. And all 5 of her children were born at home. And over the course of 20 years. Her oldest is 21 years old, and her youngest is 7 months old.

We go through each birth with Melissa, and she shares the main themes, lessons, moments from all of them. She has such vivid memory and detail of each one, and they’re all so beautifully different and unique in their own right.

It’s crazy how we talk about how each birth is so different, but it’s even true with the same woman - no one birth story is the same.

There’s incredible wisdom that comes with the experience of motherhood. And Melissa is such a great example of that, having entered it in a new way 5 different times.

You definitely don’t want to miss this one. Enjoy!