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Birth Story Podcast

Dec 17, 2020

Meet Afton Vechery. She is the CEO of Modern Fertility and she is taking on women’s health globally at 31 years old. Afton lives in San Francisco with her fiancé Zach and her new puppy. She loves biking throughout the city and her favorite restaurant is Salumeria. Afton was featured in 30 under 30 and 40 under 40 after raising 22 million in private equity to build this company. Afton studied neuroscience at Wake Forest University in North Carolina before heading off to work in NYC for a private equity healthcare fund in their women’s health division. From their she gained momentum in an autism start up and then at 23&Me. While at 23&Me she became curious about her own fertility. That is when her doctor said, “No, I am not going to order these fertility tests for you.” You see she wasn’t trying to get pregnant so her provider dismissed her proactive curiosity. So she did what all rational women do….she did it anyway. And, she was ultra surprised when she got a bill for $1500. Afton then set out to build a company where women would proactively learn about their fertility and it would be affordable. Today, your personal fertility test with Modern Fertility costs just $159 and you can use your FSA or HSA to pay for it. That is 10% of the out of pocket cost if your provider writes a prescription for you and sends you to a lab. A quick finger prick from the comfort of your own home begins your awareness and planning journey with Modern Fertility. Tune in to hear the full story of how Modern Fertility was birthed, what they are doing for the LGBTQIA+ community and what in the world AMH is and what it means for your fertility and egg quality.

To learn more about your own fertility start here:

Afton’s favorite baby gift to give is “A Cub Come True” by her friend Eduardo Hariton.

Modern Fertility’s message synchronizes perfectly with Nichelle Sublett’s #startasking movement. If you haven’t yet listened to Mrs. North Carolina’s episode on fertility you can tune in HERE.