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Birth Story Podcast

May 25, 2021

Meet Cyndal: 3+ cm dilated for a month leading up to her 41 week delivery, false labor, having a doula, and launching Stork Exchange. 

Cyndal was moving from the North and decided on a doula after chatting her with her sister and law and many friends. She hired Collin Parsons of Doula Differently and started on a journey of pregnancy empowerment. Collin was there every step of the way.

Cyndal learned first hand why vaginal exams during pregnancy offer zero information and just lead to discomfort. She was 3+ cm dilated for a month before her 41 week spontaneous labor. The cervical exams misled her into believing she would have her baby earlier than her guess date.

Cyndal and her husband Ben also launched Stork Exchange-an online marketplace for used baby items focusing on carriers and wraps. We did deep on her mompreneur story and her birth story in today's episode. 

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