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Birth Story Podcast

Jun 16, 2022

Heidi sits down with Gina Conley from MamasteFit on her current pregnancy, her miscarriages, her births, and her IG platform. 

On her first, she was delivering at a military hospital and her sister, Roxanne, was a labor and delivery nurse who was planning to help her. She talks about how that birth went sideways and how it informed and shaped the rest of pregnancies and births and how she decided to create content to serve others! 

She also really digs into switching to midwifery care and homebirth in the middle of COVID and how different that was from birthing in a military hospital. 

Gina shares about how MamasteFit came to be on Instagram, her online courses, community and building a business.

"At MamasteFit, we exclusively train athletes throughout their pregnancies, postpartum, and beyond!  We have spent the past 4+ years training and developing programming for in-person clients.  We have clients that start training with us at various points throughout their motherhood journey, some starting several years postpartum but wanting to feel strong again!"

I love following this sister duo on Instagram at