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Birth Story Podcast

Sep 10, 2020

I sit down with Dr. Alex Montgomery, CNM and Brook Craft, NP and the owner of True Rest Float Spa in Charlotte, NC Doug Centola.

We talk about the safety of floating (in our professional opinions) and the research behind this amazing relaxation venue.

Pregnant and interested in being weightless? Of course you are! All 3 of us were a unanimous DO IT after experiencing it ourselves.

While we represent a midwife, a nurse practitioner and a doula, we are not YOUR care providers. If you have questions or concerns about float therapy, please consult your own provider.

If you are a POC or unable to wash your hair immediately after floating, please consult with the float spa in advance as to the best way to protect your hair from getting salty! We recommend TWO coverings.

To read Dr. Alex Montgomery’s book, click on the following link “NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT THAT, the first six weeks.” 

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